Ok Ladies (and Gents), now let’s get in formation! This is an all-levels yoga class to the best of Beyoncé. Bring your inner Queen Bey to the mat and let’s get firey and fierce.

$20 Suggested Donation

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HigherVeda, a conversation on cannabis consumption in the modern world and the positive effects it can have on your yoga practice.

We will have a  30 minute talk, 60 minute practice, followed by an open forum. Texas legal CBD products donated by Cosmic Cowboy ATX with yoga and curated consumption on the backbone of Ayurveda.

All levels welcome!

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Yoga for Runners


Open your hips and thigh muscles and learn the biomechanics that make it possible. Many of us simply think that if we keep doing something eventually it will work out. But that is only true if what we are repeating is a recipe for success, and often times that is not the case. This workshop both gets you into your body and provides you a strong understanding of what can otherwise be a complex and mysterious section of your body. Having rehabilitated on my own from constant knee and lower back pain due to running, I have learned many tools along the way and am excited to share them with you. This is appropriate for all levels, be it for either therapeutic and/or advancement purposes.


$20 Suggested Donation


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Chakra Workshop


Join Patsy on a 2 hour journey through the 7 sacred chakras. Find a deeper energetic connection through your yoga practice and see it come alive in your life. Strong, comprehensive Vinyasa flow followed by deep breath work and extended meditation, as well as an understanding of the 7 sacred chants with each chakra.

The Chakra system is an ancient map detailing the 7 primary energy centers of the body-mind-spirit. This workshop is a rare opportunity to de-mystify and study the Chakra System in-depth, providing effective tools of empowerment in daily life to create healthy habits of happiness from the inside out.

-Learn specific mudras and mantras for each chakra

-Ignite your asana practice

-Identify which emotions rule over which territories of your body

-Understand the developmental phases and rites of passage associated with each chakra.

What to Bring: A mat. Optional things are a journal…Anything special to you to add to the alter…A blanket and/or pillow for savasana.

$20 Suggested Donation

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Shamanic Breathwork Workshop


What is Shamanic breathing?

Deep Shamanic breathing has been found to facilitate profound emotional releases, open new channels of awareness and clear toxicity in the body. This sacred journey incorporates guided visualization, holotropic breathwork, vibrational sound, soulful music, energy healing, Shamanic tools and light body expansion techniques to facilitate a personal Sacred Journey into the depths of your own soul and BEYOND!!!


Tuesday, January 31st @ 6 PM
Wednesday, February 1st @ 6 PM
Thursday, February 2nd @ 6 PM
Saturday, February 4th @ 4:30 PM

$30 // Pre-sign up required //

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Yoga on the Plaza!


It’s almost spring time in Austin and there’s no better way to shed those winter layers than at Yoga on the Plaza! Join us every Monday & Wednesday at 6 PM for F R E E yoga + live DJ on the Whole Foods rooftop at 525 N Lamar. All of February & March.

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Beautiful Surrender Workshop


We tend to stuff our emotions down because we don’t have time to feel or we think that being strong is just ‘sucking it up. The effects this has on our bodies can build up over time and cause pain, limited mobility, and ultimately more stress.

During this workshop we will focus on the emotional mapping of the body and focus on specific restorative postures to help tap into the stored experience. We will also spend some time on therapeutic exercises that can be used to healthily process what we are feeling without storing it down.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are ready to let go of what is no longer serving you
  • You are interested in the subtle energetic bodies that store emotions
  • You want to find accessible ways to meditate and self-study

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