Essential Oils: Which Ones Should I Get?

First, let me explain what these miracles in a bottle are. Essential oils are extracted from plants and herbs. They are taken from the roots, leaves, seeds, and blossoms of plants with their own active ingredients. Some oils are used to calm the senses and relax you. These oils are also used for aromatherapy and massage. Other oils may be used topically for healing wounds and infections as well as treating swelling and fungus.

Some of the first people to use the oils were Egyptians, ancient Chinese, Greeks, and the Romans. Back then, nearly 6,000 years ago, they were used in a spiritual, therapeutic, and ritualistic way. Aromatherapy became popular in 1950 and by 1980 the United States picked up a new holistic trend.

More and more people are starting to put the antibiotics and prescriptions down and are trying a more natural approach to healing anything from itchy throats to depression. You may wonder how the heck smelling an essential oil is going to get rid of depression. It’s heavily debated among scientists, but it has to do with your smell receptors that communicate with certain parts of your brain. These parts of the brain hold space for emotions and memories.

So when you inhale lavender, for example, it stimulates that part of the brain influencing physical, emotional, and mental health. Aromatherapy massage is another great way to use essential oils because then they are actually absorbed by your skin, inhaled, and there’s a massage to go with it! Talk about relaxing.

Here are some of the most popular oils, how to use them, and what they are good for.



Comparable to a cup of coffee! A little inhale of this can really wake up your senses! I like to smell it before I teach yoga. Inhaling peppermint can help with nausea and motion sickness because of its soothing and cooling effects. Peppermint also helps with congestion and digestion. Just add a drop or two to your tea.



This oil soothes the mind. If you are having trouble sleeping or having a stressful week this oil can help. Rub it on your temples or dash it on your pillow — but don’t get it in your eyes! Getting massages with lavender can also help any aches and pains in the muscles and joints in the body.



This is a citrus oil that is used for a variety of reasons. It can help with anxiety and stress and even eczema. However, bergamot needs to be diluted before it’s put on the skin as it is very potent and can burn the skin. Bergamot is also used for perfumes and cologne.



Helps those annoying headaches (as does lavender), alleviates stress, and helps circulation in the scalp to treat dandruff. You can add some to your shampoo for healthy, shiny hair. Rosemary is often used for digestion as well. Research shows that it helps detoxify the liver and helps the creation and release of bile.

tea tree

Tea Tree:

The jack of all trades! Can be used for acne, as a multi-purpose cleaner, pest control, baby care, scalp treatment, and laundry freshener! Yep, you can add a little to your problem areas on your skin, put some in your load of laundry, mix it with water in a spray bottle for your countertops, add it to your shampoo for clean hair, and wipe it where all your critters come in!

There are SO many more oils that all do miraculous stuff. If you’re not so sure about this hippy dippy stuff, it’s ok, BUT I encourage you to give it a go if you’re ever in need to get rid of your headache, pests, dirt, dandruff, stomachache, bloating, etc. There are many wonderful companies out there and it can be tedious when deciding who to buy from.

The main thing to look for is purity and quality. To get the best, you may have to pay a little more, but at least you know you’re getting the finest. Some well known companies that are highly reputable are Native American Nutritionals, Young Life and doTerra. Once you get into it, you’ll begin to sound like that awesome friend who has just the thing for everything! Enjoy!

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