A Note From Madilyn Chen
BSY Austin, General Manager

EMBODY (& what exactly does that mean?)

Embodying your inner landscape is a powerful practice to yield the results of freedom. To embody is to embrace. Embracing your inner workings, whether your emotions & thoughts are positive or negative allows you to practice yoga off the mat.

Through the practice of slowing down to embody and accept the whole picture of people human, we take the reins of our perspective. Our perspective is our power. Take pain for example. When we shift our perspective to see our ability to withstand pain, be it emotional or physical, we begin to release suffering. Pain will always be a part of our lives, but suffering does not have to be. If life is not about what happens to us, but rather how we navigate our experiences, then choosing the open hearted path gives us power. Embodying is to allow. Rather than forcing a desired feeling when it might not come easily, breathe into the moment and allow yourself to feel it all.

It might sounds counterintuitive at first, but trust. The sooner we enter a space of surrender, the sooner we can let go, and the sooner we can merge with oneness. Within that oneness is everything we experience during the seasons of our lives. The highs, the lows, the mundane times, the intense times. Embrace it all rather than pushing it away. Embodying is to embrace. To hold yourself and to be with your physical, emotional, and logical experience.

To begin the practice of embodying your current experience, commit to frequent check-ins to explore your personal landscape. Take two minutes to breathe, close your eyes and ask yourself “How am I?” These brief moments have a profound effect on your wellbeing. Right now, take a breath. Exhale fully. How do you feel? Allow it. Be with it. Embody. The more open you are to feeling yourself without personal judgement, the closer you are to freedom. Instead of putting on a strong face and reassuring yourself or others that you are “fine,” try being real. Two minutes of realness with deep breath allows you to release your struggle and get back to your bliss. When we grant ourselves moments to be still, check in and breathe, we allow ourselves to process. Embodying our inner landscape allows us to see the weeds that need pulling. This mindful presence clears out the cobwebs that we all face at any given time. Processing and turning to mindfulness in the moment grants us the ability to clean house and get back to our shine. When we get back to our shine, we can inspire our loved ones to do the same. We can be the change we desire in the world. With a strong back and a soft heart, keep breathing. Start being. You are love.

Love, Madilyn Chen GM

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