What is BSY?

Black Swan Yoga is a donation based studio that celebrates unique individuals. Each yoga class at BSY is unique. Each teacher has a different background and is encouraged to share their unique passions with creative expression. We are all about trust, love and positive vibes.

We offer yoga classes all day, every day. Check out our schedule to practice with us in Capitol Hill in Denver and on South Broadway in Englewood.

How much does it cost?

Practice yoga and fitness with us by donation or membership. We like to keep things simple with two options:

1. Drop in and donate any amount at any class. Students usually donate $10-$20 a class. Pay what you can.

2. Our Monthly Membership is $88 and our Annual Membership is $880. Both Membership types offer unlimited practice. No refunds, so contact us within a week to pause or cancel. A $10 no-show fee will be applied to your card if you sign up for class, but do not arrive or cancel within our 3 hour window of cancellation.

How do I sign up and what do I bring?

Sign up online through the schedule on our website or download the MindBody app.

Show up ready to be invigorated and relaxed simultaneously; that’s the magic of yoga. We recommend arriving to class fragrance free and showered as a courtesy to the person sweating next to you.

We always welcome walk ins, too!

I am new to yoga. Where do I begin?

Every BSY class is beginner friendly. We recommend trying Flow or Chill to begin.

Our instructors are highly experienced in supporting you to realize your inner yogi. Be brave and take the leap. Come in and flow with us. You’ll be flying high and stoked you did.

Our classes are warmed to 85 degrees, so buy a hand towel from us for $3 or BYOT.

If you are concerned about an old injury, physical discomfort or any aches/pains, talk with your teacher before class and we’ll support you the best way we can. In our house, the yoga practice is not a “one size fits all” kinda thing. Teachers offer modifications and encourage you to listen to your personal needs.

Is this “hot yoga?”

Sweat is glitter and it looks good on you.

We warm our studios to 85 degrees to promote mobility and cozy vibes. We don’t teach traditional hot yoga at 105 degrees, but we do warm up the room so you feel more like Elastigirl and less like the Tinman.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up and experience the magic of Black Swan Yoga!

Have a question we didn’t get to?

[email protected] or text 720-515-7741