Join us for our first ECSTATIC DANCE event Friday 7.23 8:30-10P at Cap Hill lead by Lauren

Ecstatic Dance is a free-form, not structured dance space: It’s inspired and led by carefully crafted music with the intention of creating a healing journey. No dance experience is necessary or needed!!!

Ecstatic Dance is an environment without judgements, attitudes, conversations, shoes, or alcohol. A space where everyone can feel spontaneously safe to try new things and let their freak flags fly! This is the dance you dance when nobody is watching. Allowing your body to move freely without judgment! 

Ecstatic Dance is an inner/outer journey, an authentic moving meditation where true presence is experienced. It creates a direct body-mind-spirit connection, allowing our body and inner guide to be our own teachers. It’s about being fully present, transparent and real with oneself and others, discovering your own true dance, using this movement and energetic experience to connect deeper to your body, spirit, and community! 



Join Black Swan Yoga at Lustre Pearl Denver on Saturday June 26th 11a-12p for FREE outdoor yoga with a Live DJ.

Flow with BSY Teachers & hang afterwards to enjoy some refreshing beverages at Lustre Pearl and making new friends in the community!