Join Katerina BSY Teacher + Holistic Health Coach for a home detox workshop & learn where harsh chemicals, additives, and toxins lay in your home and how to remove them from your ecosystem for a healthier & more energized you this Spring! You’ll explore the 2nd limb of Yoga, the Niyamas: the personal practices of yoga, and their important role in helping us maintain a positive environment in which to thrive in. You’ll end with a short detoxifying yoga flow that will bring some heat!

You’ll learn:
-The most common toxins you come into contact with on a regular basis
-How to prevent toxins from entering your space
-How to remove them from your environment and your body once they’ve been consumed

When: Saturday May 1st, 6-7p @ SoBo
What to bring: mat, a water bottle, and a journal and pen to take notes


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Join Kiana for a crystal bowl sound bath & gentle yoga workshop! You’ll be guided through a 45 minute gentle flow to ground and slow down. You’ll get set up for a restorative savasana supported by props & then you’ll be serenaded by the healing sounds of the quartz crystal bowls! The perfect way to end the work week & begin your weekend feeling relaxed & renewed!

Healing effects:
-relaxes your mind and body
-release energetic blockages
-shift frequencies from lower to higher vibrations
-lowers stress level
-lower blood pressure
-lower cholesterol
-improved sleep

When: Friday May 14th, 7:30-9p
What to bring: wear comfy clothes, (option) eye cover, blankets, pillows, (option)bolsters, you can also use the props in studio 


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Join Shea for an Intro to Crystal Healing workshop this month! Learn all about crystals, their uses, how to cleanse and care for them, & choose the best ones for you. Lastly, you’ll be guided through an intuitive third eye opening meditation & sound bath! 🔮

Crystals are minerals formed underground from three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms. They can take on many shapes and sizes, developing over thousands of years. Different stones have different energetic properties & healing benefits to bring you balance and harmony. #crystalhealing

What to bring: mat, water, journal, & pen to take notes

When: Saturday May 29th, 6-7:30p @ SoBo


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