Class Types


Flow yoga is great for all levels and warmed to 85 degrees. Teachers create their own sequences so each class you take is unique. To enter the flow state, students move in coordination with their breath to experience the magic of flow yoga. Expect to strengthen and stretch your entire body, then bliss out in relaxation at the end of class.

Hot Onnit

Fitness, mindful movement and yoga. Our fitness class that is rooted in the movement principles taught at Onnit Academy and warmed to 85 degrees. Each class is unique and emphasizes safe form to prevent injury while working out. Cool down with yoga and enjoy the empowering experience.


Relax and let go. This relaxing yoga class is not heated and perfect for mental/physical recovery. We combine practices from restorative yoga, yin yoga, meditation, breath work and more to offer a rejuvenating experience. Chill out with us.


Our most vigorous yoga class that’s heated to 85 degrees. Power is a flow class at the next level. Teachers offer this strong, advanced practice to explore deepening your entire practice. We commonly hear students express fear of trying Power Yoga. The only time you can be brave is when you’re scared, right? Try it out and be brave! We believe in you!