Class Types


Beginner classes provide an excellent introduction to yoga. Focus is on pose alignment and linking breath with movement. Beginner classes are slower and are for all levels.


All levels, sweaty vinyasa class that connects movement to breath. A practice that creates a balance between quick movement and steady pose holds. Each class offers a unique combination of poses, designed by our amazing teachers. Expect to sweat and connect with your breath.


Amped up Flow class that balances faster paced vinyasa with steady pose holds. Power incorporates uplevel options for advanced postures including arm balances and inversions. Find a deeper engagement in your practice and find your EDGE!

Acro Yoga

Trust, connection, and community. Explore the power of play in this multi-dimensional physical experience. Learn how to make shapes with your body and connect with another human. Find the balance of where to soften and where to engage as you work on breaking down the stories that no longer serve you. Build strength, confidence, and receptivity in this all levels AcroYoga class. No partner required!


Want to feel as though you are floating on a cloud? Get your zen on and mellow out with our Yin class! You’ll feel so ooey gooey and relaxed during this hour of bliss! This class is set to 80 degrees in order for your muscles to be slightly warm in order to fully loosen up!

Teacher Trainee Graduate Flow

Join our recent teacher training graduates for a one-hour Powerful Flow! This is a heated vinyasa class, suited for all levels. Donation based! All donations go toward our Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship fund! Here is your chance to make a BIG difference in a future trainee’s life! This class is meant to help our recent grads gain more experience while giving back to those who cannot afford teacher training.

Powerful Flow

An all levels class that is meant to kick your booty & make you sweat! You’re always welcome to take whatever variations of the poses that are calling to you! May include optional arm balances & inversions… will definitely include all the personal growth & good vibes!

Candlelight Slow Flow

This class is a heated slow flow in which you will experience a chill vibe in order to wind down before bedtime. Enjoy a slower vinyasa with added deep stretching. Plus you will get your flow in with the ambiance of candlelight at night. We will see you on your mat for zen at 10!

Swan Sculpt

All levels, mat-based fitness class that combines yoga warm up and cool down with strength and conditioning programming. Onnit equipment consisting of Steel Maces, Clubs, and Kettle Bells are used to provide higher resistance than normal bodyweight classes, resulting in a sweat dripping session!