Connecting with Ivy Pac

Connecting with Ivy Pac

Ivy is one of our amazing Black Swan Yoga 200HR graduates, Super Swan (front desk help) & uplifting BSY Instructor.

We miss her and we wanted to take a moment to connect! We asked Ivy what she misses about the studio, her students and what she has been up to as of late. Take a peak below and hear what she has to share with y’all! Catch a class with her on one of our live streams on YouTube, Instagram & Facebook! @i.v_pack (give her a follow) 🖤

  • What do you miss most about coming into the studio / your community?

Gosh. I really miss seeing the people that regularly take my classes.  the connections are so genuine and distinct. There really isn’t too much time to talk, but the way we all arrive so vulnerably and open…. It’s pure trust. But ya, I really miss those squeezes. Y’ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

  • Create a mantra for your students that encapsulates your yoga classes?

Ooo if there was a mantra that really summed up my classes it would be, “this is your body, your space, your rules, your breathe.” I love prioritizing people’s individuality . If you’ve got a way that your body want to move?? Do it! YES. PLEASE!

  • What keeps you grounded during this time?

What’s helping me ground during this time is letting myself truly feel it all, and then when I feel it… I like to let it out by  creating. Sometimes it’s furiously dancing in my room, painting, or writing.  I tend to post and share these creations on Instagram  too.  Catch me at @i.v_pack ✨
It’s my way of connecting. Especially during this “social distancing.” When I can get these feelings or sensations off my chest, share it, and then have people feel like they might relate? Wheew it feels good. Feels supportive…. And hey, sometimes it can be nerve wracking sharing these parts of ourselves. But I truly feel that we each carry a unique perspective on purpose. Let’s get weird y’all !!

Enjoy some of Ivy’s creations and connect with her for a custom piece!