Top Insta Yogi Accounts to Follow

Is it just me or is yoga literally popping off on Instagram? It is the latest and greatest. What’s great about it is that it’s actually getting people to do yoga! Not just strike a … Read more

Pose of the Week – Fish

The Black Swan Yoga Pose of the Week is Fish Pose. It is said to be “the destroyer of all diseases.” It requires core strength and back flexibility. How to do fish pose: Lie on … Read more

My Favorite Smoothie

A smoothie normally appears in my hands at some point pretty much every day or every other day. I love them so much! Especially on a hot day or after teaching or taking yoga, it … Read more

Pose of the Week – Wild Thing

How to get into the pose: Begin in downward facing dog. Start to transfer your weight onto your left hand and come on to the pinky toe side of your left foot. Begin to stack … Read more

Mala Beads “Wearing Your Intention”

You’ve likely seen yogis sporting a string of beads wrapped around their wrists. You may see yogis wearing these beads as necklaces. Some yogis even wear them like a sash.  In the spirit of yoga, … Read more

Slow Cooker Queen

You could say I’m pretty obsessed with my slow cooker. It’s the easiest way to make dinner. For my lifestyle it works because we are sometimes busy in the evening and then when we get … Read more

When to take a rest day

I was motivated to write this blog because, well, I’m sick! I’ve had to take the last two days to rest and I intend to take it day by day so that I am listening … Read more

Pose of the Week: Dancer

The new Black Swan Yoga Pose of the Week is Dancer Pose.  It is also known as Natarajasana in sanskrit. This pose requires back flexibility as well as balance. How to get into the pose: … Read more