Easy, Healthy Energy Bites

Just about everyone is a fan of sweets. If I ever do come across someone who says something like “Oh, I hate sweet stuff!” I always make a very weird face at them. I can’t … Read more

Pose of the Week – Seated Forward Fold

This week’s pose of the week is Upavistha Konasana B – Seated Forward Fold. I chose this pose because it’s super fun to practice and it’s a great combination of balance, flexibility and core strength! … Read more

Organic Almond Milk Recipe

  Organic Almond Milk   Making your own almond milk is actually really simple and super yummy. It’s nice to know exactly what is in your almond milk! I use the pulp from the blended … Read more

Pose of the Week – Eagle

The new Black Swan Yoga Pose of the Week is Eagle Pose. It was chosen by our teacher of the week, Randal Setzler. Eagle Pose Benefits Randal loves Eagle Pose because “[it] is a powerful … Read more

Flow 16 Playlist

“I feel this one is a modern groove that taps into Eastern rhythms. The beats and lyrics take you on a journey and hold space for the movements and breath of our body to easily … Read more

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

The time for pie has arrived! I don’t know about you guys, but my absolute favorite during the holidays is Pumpkin Pie. It’s decadent, creamy, and smooth. I tweaked a recipe a few years back … Read more

Pose of the Week – Warrior 3

Virabhadrasana 3 is one of my favorite poses, for lots of reasons. I love the challenge of balancing on one leg, and of bringing my whole torso parallel to the ground. I feel really activated … Read more

Get hype

Music has it’s way of setting the mood for just about any activity.  My “Get Hyped” playlist is perfect for workouts, pregames, and roadtrips.   I find it absolutely necessary to listen to when I need … Read more