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I had a boss once tell me, “if it seems like it’s ‘outside the box,’ just don’t worry about it.” ...Yeah, okay. I didn’t stay at that job very long. Boxes are limiting, and although my cat seems to really enjoy them, I don’t feel like being inside of one. My teaching doesn’t fit inside any one box, and my love for creative expression shows up in my dynamic class style. It's an extravagant blend of the strongest and safest tools I have developed during my journey on and off the mat. I honor all styles of yoga, and constantly evolve my teaching methods to attend to the needs of the modern human in our fast-paced western culture. My goal as a teacher is to create a supportive environment where everyone can connect to their free and authentic selves, while still educating on safe alignment and progressive strength building to promote growth and prevent injury. And some days we’ll just jam, because life can be too serious sometimes :) The beautiful thing about yoga is that there is no “one way”. The bottom line is to connect, and nothing more. Connect with your movement. Connect with your truth. Connect with the world around you. You get to decide how that connection happens.