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Hello and namaste!

My yoga practice began in 2001, my senior year of college, at the University of Iowa rec center on a dirty stinky wrestling mat. Gross!! Needless to say, dispite the setting, I was instantly hooked! I immediately liked the physicality of doing yoga postures, as I've always naturally enjoyed athletics and fitness, then soon after I fully embraced the spiritual aspects of the practice as well.

Shortly after graduating with a Bachelor of Art degree in Communications, I had a friend approach me and ask if I'd ever considered teaching yoga. He was opening a yoga studio soon, and saw something in me I hadn't yet discovered. At that time I was enrolled in massage therapy school. Teaching yoga seemed the perfect complement to the holistic healing therapies I was studying in massage school, Eastwind School of Holistic Health. So I then completed my yoga teacher training in La Jolla, CA in 2002, and taught yoga at my friend's studio. My teacher, Gerhard Gessner, is an Ashtanga lineage guru. I've been teaching yoga and giving healing massage therapies ever since!

I truly love what I do. The best part is getting to connect with others, and share these healing modalities that produce our very best selves possible. Ultimately, yoga is the practice of being present. This is the best attribute we as humans can strive for. Being present to what is and what it is we're aiming to achieve allows us to do anything and everything we desire. Yoga, and any methodical movement practices, allows individuals to excel to their highest potential on every conceivable level.

I'm now thrilled to be teaching Hot Onnit and yoga classes! I enjoy teaching meditation, Vinyasa and hot Hatha styles of yoga. See y'all on the mat very soon- Ciao for now!

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony" - Mahatma Gandhi