Christine R


Instagram:  wanderfulc

I stumbled into my first yoga class after hearing that it would compliment my addiction to rock climbing and help aid in injury prevention. I wasn’t totally sure what I was getting myself into, but what I found changed the course of my entire life. I fell in love with the flow of practice, the breath-initiated movement and a deep fascination with the importance of softness, even through strong challenges. No sport or physical activity had ever made me feel so… balanced. I still remember feeling so sore, so sweaty, so exhausted, but somehow, so incredibly peaceful. I was hooked. I enrolled in teacher training not long after my first class and immediately began teaching to anyone who would let me. I continue to find immense joy for teaching and sharing the practice of yoga and still feel more honored than ever by the yogis who roll into class. My own practice is the traditional ashtanga yoga method. I do draw some inspiration from the practice, but also add a lot of intuitive movement, creative flow, inspiration from students… and, of course, some sweet tunes. As a teacher, I like to provide a class that offers challenges as well as opportunities to embrace softness In my class, you can expect to find arm balances and/or inversions with lots of hip and shoulder opening. There will be heavy emphasis on the breath and encouragement to allow your breath to initiate the movement of your body to help work towards a more meditative movement… even if we are laughing and/or dancing. My class is accessible and offers different variations of postures to give you, the practitioner, the choice of turning up the heat or maybe tone it down. I hope to see you soon!