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Yoga is a beautiful and poetic and empowering tool for healing, growth, and cultivating self-love. My yoga practice essentially found me after I attempted a handstand one day and discovered that I couldn’t even kick my legs up. I started practicing yoga daily with this semi-obsessive goal of doing a handstand and instead ended up on this wild ride of [non-linear] self-discovery, self-healing, hard lessons, and growth. I teach a strong, sweaty, and mindful flow to help you realign with your most authentic self. Expect to move on your breath and with the music through creative & challenging sequences and enter into a flow-state of thoughtlessness where your mind is fully connected to your body. By breathing consciously, moving intentionally, and properly activationing your muscles, you will begin to learn total body awareness, heal physical and mental imbalances or trauams, & build physical and mental strength and confidence that will show up for you on the mat as well as off. My class is for anyone who has a body, a desire to move and learn about and challenge that body, and a calling for self-growth and self-healing. Before starting my practice I had no idea how badly I need it, and I know I’m not the only one. It is my passion and calling to share this way of healing yourself through movement and breath, how to use this practice to find the strength to face old pain and trauma, clear out emotions and stress, and start to live a life where each day you are thriving not just surviving. I love connecting with my students and talking about all things yoga, so feel free to ask questions & chat with me after class, or follow me on instagram to stay connected. namaste y’all, I can’t wait to see you on the mat!