Aerial Yoga in Austin? Yes, Please!


Aerial Yoga is a mixture of a few things. For one, you are suspended in the air in beautiful, soft fabric twisting your body into shapes that come from traditional yoga poses/stretches, dance, and even pilates.

Aerial Yoga Benefits

Since you are actually in the air and using a prop, some of those poses you can never do on the ground are more accessible in the aerial silks. One of the main benefits of these type of classes is the relief of back pain. Using the aerials allows your body to fully lengthen and decompress your spine by hanging freely.

Another amazing benefit in Aerial Yoga that a lot of us look for is improvement in flexibility. Again, being able to use and incorporate a prop helps with assistance and advancement in postures and poses. Dangling from mid-air while completely lengthening and stretching a specific area helps as well!

Where can you find Aerial Yoga classes in Austin, TX?

-Mind Body Yoga in north Austin offers an Intro Level Aerial class. But, it also says all abilities are welcome! The prices here are reasonable with one class pass being $16. The class is based on a Hatha style with the student going between the mat and the hammock to deepen their poses and increase flexibility.

-Yogapeutics is an aerial yoga studio in South Austin for kids and teens. This is wonderful as they intertwine aerial yoga with mindfulness and sensory integration therapies. Their mission is to improve brain function and physical ability. Definitely never too early to start doing that!

-Four Elements Downtown offers an array of aerial classes. They have an intro class, a level 2-3, one for flexibility, aerlates, and one for teens and pre-teens. This studio is the perfect place to take you to the next level.

-Sky Candy offers classes and workshops that are based on the circus and entertainment. They have a ton of aerial silk classes plus trapeze, pole, rope, and hammock classes. It’s perfect for a great time with your girlfriends for a birthday or a night out!