Pose of the Week – Handstand

The Black Swan Yoga Pose of the Week is Handstand! This is a challenging one that can take years to get down. Some days it feels completely unattainable and other days like there’s nothing to it. The key to getting it down is to practice handstands safely everyday!

How to get into the pose:

There are many ways to enter a handstand. The easiest way for most people is to kick up into it. That’s what we will go over here. If you are a beginner, practice with a wall behind you for safety.

  • From a forward fold, place your hands on your mat, palms facing down. Lift your left leg into the sky for standing splits.
  • Bend into your right leg to prepare for liftoff while pressing your weight down through your palms.
  • Engage through your core, press off from the floor with your right foot, and kick your right leg up. Imagine creating an “L” shape with your legs. Your left leg is extended perpendicular to the ceiling and your right leg is parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your arms straight. Try to stack your shoulders on top of your wrists and your hips on top of your shoulders.
  • You’ll want to bring some of your weight into your fingertips while grounding through your hands.
  • Don’t worry about bringing your legs together at the top just yet! It is easier to find balance when you have your legs split into an “L” shape. You can practice Donkey Kicks by bringing your right foot back down to the ground hopping up again while your left leg stays lifted.
  • Once you gain control in the “L” shape, you can begin to bring your right leg to meet your left up top. Keep your core and legs engaged, and your heels squeezing towards one another.


  • Creates strength in your upper body and abdominals.
  • Increases balance.
  • Shifts your energy, clears your mind, and puts you in a great mood.
  • Helps promote blood circulation.

Jaimee Hart is our featured teacher this week. She’s a big proponent of getting upside down and standing on her hands.

“I love being in control in handstands. It took me a long time to be able to come to a point in my practice where I enter it with grace and patience. And when I come to a point where I’m balancing on only my hands and feel completely steady in it, well there’s nothing like it! I kind of think to myself, wow, I made this happen. I didn’t give up and I’m only going to keep pushing to see what other opportunities there are! Handstands were such a goal for me. I was obsessed and still am. But the beauty happens when you take obsession out of the equation and just keep the strength and breath.”