Ink’d Yogis – Beyond the Art of Dope Tattoos

Walking down the streets of Austin, you run into some pretty amazingly beautiful tattoos. It was one of those taboo things for awhile where mothers and fathers would swear that they would disown you if you ever even thought about getting one. Nowadays, I think most people have accepted this beautiful form of art. It’s become part of people’s way to express their experiences, struggles, achievements, goals, and memories that we can literally wear on our sleeve. Here are some of our own Black Swan teacher’s tattoos and what they represent.

Stefanie Stephenson


This is her right forearm

 “‘Siempre Contigo’ means ‘Always with you’ in Spanish. I got it for my grandfather because he used to tell me ‘siempre contigo’ all the time when I was growing up. And I was with him when he passed away. Right before he left us, he looked at me and said ‘Siempre Contigo, my little one.’”

 Stef recently just added water colors to it because she majored in Art and has a love for color.


Patsy Springer


This awesome detailed tattoo is all the down the side of her midsection.

 “I got this tattoo cause I really like the story of Ganesha. Even though I’m not Hindu, I like the symbolism of this chubby, gentle, elephant-headed god that is the remover of obstacles. And all of the art work I have ever seen of him is always so elaborate and beautiful. After I traveled to India and learned more about him, I knew I wanted a tattoo of him. I lucked out because my tattoo artist at Sideshow Tattoo, Raymond, knew all about Ganesha. He was the perfect artist for the job. Whenever I am practicing yoga and decide to take off my shirt and show my ‘Ganesha belly’, it makes me smile just to see his little cute body on me, and reminds me that I have some good luck on my side.”

Dee Bourtzos


“The concept of rooting down to rise up was something intrinsic in my Anusara training. Everything starts with a strong base and grows from there. One cannot fly without first being grounded. But as my yoga practice grows, I see how root to rise affects so many other areas of life: building new relationships, starting new projects, creating goals and seeing them through and making decisions both large and small.

In the physical practice of yoga, we can feel ourselves grounding before expanding out and about.

Off the yoga mat, we can mentally and emotionally ground ourselves before moving forward and making decisions. The act of rooting creates mindfulness. Instead of blindly opening the refrigerator door when the slightest pang of hunger hits, spend just a moment rooting yourself to determine the intention and necessity of the action you are about to take.”


Jaimee Hart


“‘Be here now’, it says. I got this while in yoga teacher training. Before my training, I could honestly say I wasn’t paying attention to the present moment. I was just going through the wave, but never understanding that the present moment was the only thing that existed. My tattoo reminds me that if I’m ever too far deep in the future or the past, to come back.

I got the top design while traveling in Thailand. I got it done the traditional way in their country by doing it in bamboo. This reminds me of traveling, of living freely – of living with an open mind and an open heart.”


Harleigh Reynolds


“I got the tattoo of the hamsa as the travelers, headed with an elephant as the remover of obstacles. The background is the flower of life interconnecting all things. I placed it there to find center and help me realize my destiny.”

Share your tattoos and tell us why you got them in the comments below!