Black Swan Yoga Dealer Training

Black Swan Yoga 200hr Yoga Dealer Training

April 17 - June 20, 2015

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Join a group of unique individuals all aimed at one collective goal: sharing the gift of yoga with the world! During our ten week training program at Black Swan Yoga, you will dive deeply into the roots, body, and branches of yoga. You will learn about history, philosophy, anatomy, meditation, breath work, and most importantly how to teach yoga! Our training program prepares you to teach two styles of yoga, for the price of one. This is unheard of within the yoga world. Our training program features a weekend of Basic Onnit Academy Training, where you will learn unconventional training techniques to take your knowledge of the body and performance to the next level!


Joining the dealer training program is an inspiring and life changing decision! The skills, community, and healthy lifestyle that you gain during this program is unparalleled. We cannot wait to share this experience with YOU!

Once you are accepted to the Black Swan Yoga Dealer Training, you will receive an entire year of free yoga from that point forward!


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Frequently Asked Questions


What will I learn in the BSY training?

Over the ten weeks of training, you will be educated on the history and philosophy of yoga, anatomy of the human body, meditation, breath work, and in depth alignment of yoga postures. You will be trained to teach Sweaty and Flow Yoga classes! You will receive training from the Onnit Academy: the best in the fitness business who work with professional athletes and celebrities. You will learn so much during this training, from the alignment of your spine to how to improve your communication skills. This training prepares you to be a world class yoga teacher and human being.


When does Black Swan Yoga host training?

2015 Training Dates

April 17- June 20

July 10 - September 12

October 9 - December 11


We train Fridays nights and during the day Saturday and Sunday.


Who leads the Black Swan Yoga Dealer training?

Michael Grey is the Founder and President of Black Swan Yoga. He is the driving force behind our philosophies and skill. Black Swan Yoga Dealers in Training are blessed to receive many hours of training from BSY visionary, Michael Grey.


Our training programs are lead by senior Black Swan Yoga Dealer, Madilyn McCarthy. Madilyn collaborates with Black Swan Yoga Founder and President Michael Grey, General Manager Jaimee Hart, and senior Black Swan Yoga Dealer Rachel Frank to bring you a unique and powerful training experience. All four amazing yoga dealers will teach you how to be the best yoga dealer in the world.


What does the training schedule look like?

Training students will be required to take 6 weekly yoga classes. Black Swan Yoga classes are free to training students once payment is accepted! Training hours will be conducted on Fridays 5:30pm-9pm, Saturdays 9am-5pm, and 3 Sundays from 9am-5pm. Required reading and homework will be assigned during the week, as well as quizzes and a final presentation.


What is the cost of training?

The cost of our dealer training is $2,800! For early birds who sign up at least 1 month before the training begins, the cost is $2,500. Space is limited in the teacher training program, so payment is due in full at the time of registration to secure your spot in the program. Upon receiving the full tuition payment, training students are eligible for unlimited Black Swan Yoga + Fitness classes for one year once the payment is accepted. Once payment is accepted, no refunds will be issued.


What are the attendance expectations during the training?

Training students are permitted to miss ONE weekend of training, only if there is an emergency. We require training students to maintain the schedule to earn their certification on time. If a training student misses one weekend, they must attend the specific weekend missed in the following training to be eligible for certification. No extra fees apply for this. Example: if you miss weekend 3, you are required to sit in for weekend 3 of the following training. If a training student misses more than one training weekend, they are disqualified from becoming certified during this training. Training students then must re-enroll and invest in another training in the future if they so wish. We expect our training students to take their studies seriously in order to become the best they can be.


What supplies are required for my training?

Books and the training manual are included in your one time payment for the 200hr training program. In addition, we suggest you bring the basics: yoga mat, towel, water bottle, and an open mind!


Who is the BSY Teacher Training for?

Yoga students of dedicated practice who desire to teach the best yoga in the world! Black Swan Yoga dealers teach with clear communication, strong presence, anatomy and alignment principles, and creative and safe sequencing. Our main goal is to make yoga fun! If you love yoga, love having a good time, and are ready to learn…apply!!!