Black Swan Yoga 200hr Teacher Training Black Swan Yoga 200hr Teacher Training


Training includes one year of unlimited yoga & fitness at all BSY locations a $1,056 VALUE!!



"Black Swan Yoga teacher training has been a transformative experience both in body and mind. I have grown stronger physically and my yoga practice has become more intentional and more beneficial as I learn the correct alignment and purpose behind each pose. As I have grown stronger in my body, my ability to open my heart and my mind has deepened. What I originally thought would be a way to strengthen my physical practice has really been more of a transformative experience within myself and in my relationships. Without hesitation I have been able to confront difficult pieces of my life with a new perspective and ease I didn’t I was capable of. I would suggest Black Swan Yoga teacher training to anyone looking to become a strong yoga teacher, powerful yogi, and wholehearted human being."

- Sarah Stein-Lobovits


"Regardless of what you’re after, to become a better yoga practitioner and become an amazing yoga instructor, to enhance your own practice or all of these things and more, then I highly recommend the Black Swan Dealer Training. It’s amazing in that it’s all encompassing, meaning you learn how to instruct both set sequence and vinyasa based classes(not to mention the dynamic Hot ONNIT workouts as well). I was already a fitness instructor and personal trainer and considered myself very versed and well equipped but learning these new teaching techniques that each style brings has only enhanced my personal business and life in close to every way. I speak more clearly, I move more fluidly, I am more balanced in mind, body and spirit and am in turn a better human being because of it. I owe Black Swan so much and couldn’t be more proud to represent them. If you’re going to pay and commit to a yoga training then I urge you to apply for the BSY Dealer training, you won’t regret it."


- John James Pepper


"Joining Black Swan Yoga Dealer Training changed my life. Black Swan not only creates a learning environment for dealer training, but also a family. No, the word family is not enough, a Tribe is created. When you learn in an environment where no one will judge you, think your questions are not worth asking, or laugh at you (actually they may laugh but they are laughing with you, not at you), you are able to take away more from your experience. Black Swan Yoga Dealer Training gives you the tools on how to be an extraordinary Yoga instructor. Personally for me all the Black Swan Yoga Instructors are extremely helpful, kind, and strong leaders in our Yoga community. Learning from them has been an amazing experience. If you are looking for something that will open your heart and your mind, Black Swan Yoga Dealer Training is it"


- Stefani Stephenson


Join a group of unique individuals all aimed at one collective goal: sharing the gift of yoga with the world! During our ten week training program at Black Swan Yoga, you will dive deeply into the roots, body, and branches of yoga. You will learn about history, philosophy, anatomy, meditation, breath work, and most importantly how to teach yoga! Our training program prepares you to teach two styles of yoga, for the price of one. This is unheard of within the yoga world. Our training program features a weekend of Basic Onnit Academy Training, where you will learn unconventional training techniques to take your knowledge of the body and performance to the next level!


Joining the teacher training program is an inspiring and life changing decision! The skills, community, and healthy lifestyle that you gain during this program is unparalleled. We cannot wait to share this experience with YOU!


Frequently Asked Questions


Over the ten weeks of training, you will be educated on the history and philosophy of yoga, anatomy of the human body, meditation, breath work, and in depth alignment of yoga postures. You will be trained to teach Sweaty and Flow Yoga classes! You will receive training from the Onnit Academy: the best in the fitness business who work with professional athletes and celebrities. You will learn so much during this training, from the alignment of your spine to how to improve your communication skills. This training prepares you to be a world class yoga teacher and human being.

The cost of our teacher training is $2,800! Space is limited in the teacher training program, so secure your spot today by making the required deposit of $500. Upon receiving the deposit payment, training students are eligible for unlimited Black Swan Yoga + Fitness classes. Any payments for training are non-refundable. Full payment for training is required before attending the first day.
2015 Training Dates

April 17- June 20

July 6 - July 31 (Intensive)

September 5 - October 25

Michael Grey, the Founder and President of Black Swan Yoga, set forth the framework for becoming a successful yoga teacher. Partnering with senior Black Swan Yoga Teachers, Madilyn McCarthy and Noah Villalobos, these concepts are are delivered in a fun and effective way over the course of the training.

For the 4-week Intensive Training, students will meet M-F 8am-5pm

For regular 8-week training, students will meet on Saturdays and Sundays 9am-5pm. Required reading and homework will be assigned during the week, as well as quizzes and a final presentation.

Training students are permitted to miss ONE weekend of training, only if there is an emergency. We require training students to maintain the schedule to earn their certification on time. If a training student misses one weekend, they must attend the specific weekend missed in the following training to be eligible for certification. No extra fees apply for this. Example: if you miss weekend 3, you are required to sit in for weekend 3 of the following training. If a training student misses more than one training weekend, they are disqualified from becoming certified during this training. Training students then must re-enroll and invest in another training in the future if they so wish. We expect our training students to take their studies seriously in order to become the best they can be.
Books and the training manual are included in your one time payment for the 200hr training program. In addition, we suggest you bring the basics: yoga mat, towel, water bottle, notebook and an open mind!